Social media corners Shadaya

Social media users are questioning socialite Shadaya Knight’s girlfriend’s morality

SOCIAL media users are questioning socialite Shadaya Knight’s girlfriend’s morality after her videos dancing in a raunchy manner.

The manner the girlfriend was dancing is widely condemned by Shadaya, who describes such women who dance on social media as of ‘lose morals’.

She is captured in two different instances dancing in a raunchy way before the camera prompting social media users to attack Shadaya, who has maintained a strong stance against morally lose women who flaunt their bodies on social media.

“He did not learn, he perished, ndofarira kuona Alpha vachipfidza,” read a comment.

“How many points should we deduct? By the way, why is she still posting pictures and twerking for other guys out there? Does that mean she is not satisfied with you?” read a comment.

“Apa baba vakambotaura zve twerking online, saka zve virginity izvi ringori drama,” read a comment.

“Shadaya is a fraud; bhebhi rake is just like any other girl following trends. Nothing wrong with that too, hypocrisy yoga yoga,” read another comment.

During the heat of the controversy, Shadaya posted a picture of his girlfriend on a tweet which read that apart from his mother, his girlfriend is one of the strongest women he knows.

“Aside from my mother, you are one of the strongest women I know. You have inherited all the hatred they have towards me. Things have been said about you, narratives pushed, perceptions pushed, misunderstood intentionally, persecuted on a daily basis,” read the tweet.

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