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Village Rhapsody: Protect women and girls beyond 16 Days of Activism

Violence against women and girls remains the most pervasive human rights violation around the world.
By Evans Mathanda Nov. 27, 2022
Corruption watch: Chiwenga’s corruption sheet is soiled
Corruption watch: Chiwenga’s corruption sheet is soiled
So, if you were to be asked if the VP is corrupt or not, you need to give it a longish think because you are peeping at him from the other side of the veil most of the time.
By Tawanda Majoni Nov. 27, 2022
Then comes ‘forgotten’ Hwange Unity Square
To the uninitiated, the Post Office Gardens are situated along Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo Nkomo Street and 8th Avenue
By Burzil Dube Nov. 27, 2022
Budding entrepreneur saves Zim home seekers
All was not rosy upon settling in the green getting around US$16,00 per hour with the main lump sum going to taxes and rentals.
By Wellington Zimbowa Nov. 27, 2022
Editorial Comment: Democracy is under siege
It is worth noting that there has been no successful prosecution in terms of the Logan Act since it was enacted in 1799.
By The Standard Nov. 27, 2022
2017 Coup, the Commonwealth and sanctions
The withdrawal followed the turbulent years of the early 2000s: saw land invasions, disputed (and unresolved and violent) elections in 2000 and 2002
By Ibbo Mandaza and Tony Reeler Nov. 27, 2022
Nigeria’s CKay shoots from the hip
Bossing, as one of Nigeria’s most perceptible musicians with tunes emerging from the pedal extremity of Lagos startlingly opening the window to global applause
By Grant Moyo Nov. 27, 2022
Fumati Group records marked growth
“I believe the success and recognition achieved in 2022 is a precursor to even bigger things in the coming year,” Changweya said.
By Style Reporter Nov. 27, 2022
Ghetto dances: It’s not everyone who goes to Mzansi who earns an honest living
We took a taxi to Kempton Park. It was here that  I came face to face with the kind of work James and his friends were involved in.
By Style Reporter Nov. 27, 2022
Reviving Zim’s education needs collective effort
The result was success. Each entity working on its own fails. We need each other.
By Fay Chung Nov. 27, 2022
Issues to consider for your comms strategy in 2023
Communicators can help them navigate the ever-changing landscape and develop strategies that will allow them to communicate effectively with their target audiences.
By Lenox Lizwi Mhlanga Nov. 27, 2022
Letter from America: US political divisions reflected in church battles!
Whether we like it or not, we are in a state of war. The cultural wars witnessed between the Republican party and the Democrats have spilled into the church.
By Kenneth Mufuka Nov. 27, 2022
Zim artiste, UK writer collaborate on comic book
Kay Media Africa Media Communications Keith Kuhudzai confirmed the developments to Standard Style yesterday.
By Sharon Sibindi Nov. 27, 2022
Potential liability arising from unauthorised transactions
A company has no brains of its own, has no feelings or an independent will.
By Alex Farai Majachani Nov. 27, 2022
Mahachi reconnects with Mzansi fans
Mahachi’s last performance across the Limpopo was five years ago when he took part at the Abathandwa Music Group’s album launch ceremony in Durban.
By Staff Reporter Nov. 27, 2022
In the groove: Hallelujah Chicken Run Band: The full story
It wasn’t until Samy Ben Redjeb of Analog Africa  (Shungu Label) went to Mhangura to find out how all this happened: This is his story:
By Fred Zindi Nov. 27, 2022
letter to my people: Tyson Wabantu rises to the occasion
What democracy when opposition politicians are locked up for more than 150 days?
By Doctor Stop It Nov. 27, 2022
Village Rhapsody: Zimbabwe’s unemployment crisis needs urgent solutions
In his first public speech after returning from exile as the country's new leader in 2017, Mnangagwa pledged a "new, emerging democracy".
By Evans Mathanda Nov. 20, 2022
New perspectives: Towards a stable Zimbabwe macro-economy
There is no doubt that sustainable economic and social development can only happen in a stable macro-economic environment.
By Vince Musewe Nov. 20, 2022
Letter to my people: The great betrayal by G40 kingpins
Johnso and Dread Zhuwao begging Baba’s tormentors for forgiveness is betrayal that would make Judas Iscariot green with envy.
By Doctor Stop It Nov. 20, 2022
Potholes put damper on festive season
Most local tourists use the opportunity to visit places of interests.
By Burzil Dube Nov. 20, 2022
US Deep State is slowly running Donald Trump down!
Men of Harare and Masvingo, you are missing the big picture in the events unfolding in the US
By Kenneth Mufuka Nov. 20, 2022
We’re being persecuted for giving girls a voice
Unfamiliar numbers had called and texted before, “Hello, is this The Girls Table?
By Samukeliso Tshuma Nov. 20, 2022
Why you should engage a professional book editor
Note that I have termed them “manuscripts” and not “books” because I believe they would still be raw for public consumption.
By Fungayi Sox Nov. 20, 2022
Health talk: Always remember Covid-19 is still around
Many people lost their lives and the void left was an insurmountable task to fill.
By Johannes Marisa Nov. 20, 2022
Editorial Comment: Poll reforms need to be inclusive
There are many people that resort to using their drivers’ licenses as a form of identification in the absence of passports or national identity documents.
By The Standard Nov. 20, 2022
Public relations :How to get ROI from expos like Sanganai/Hanganani
The timing of this article is deliberate in that measurable results from participation at a trade show of this kind take time to manifest
By Lenox Lizwi Mhlanga Nov. 20, 2022
Organised violence, torture and elections: Can Zimbabwe citizens be insulated ahead of 2023 polls?
The framework revolves around five pillars that encapsulate all aspects of elections as well as linking these to the current and ongoing political economy.
By Sapes Trust Nov. 19, 2022