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Village Rhapsody: A united Africa is possible

By working together, these countries can more effectively address common challenges such as poverty, underdevelopment, and security concerns.
By Evans Mathanda Feb. 18, 2024
Corruption Watch: Skeletons in the State House cupboard
Corruption Watch: Skeletons in the State House cupboard
 That was when the opposition-dominated City of Harare produced an audit report that accused the company of fraud.
By Tawanda Majoni Feb. 18, 2024
Editorial Comment: Chivayo’s source of money must be investigated
This is why institutions such as the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption (Zacc) need to spring into action and investigate whether the money he is splashing on cars is from legitimate sources.
By The Standard Feb. 18, 2024
Letter from America: Mthuli Ncube’s failures make Mukomana the coolest cat in Zim!
Tanzania exported sisal products, had some tourist spots, but was not endowed with minerals wealth comparable to Zimbabwe.
By Kenneth Mufuka Feb. 18, 2024
Letter to my people: Minister is living in cloud-cuckoo land
Among the institutions that are shielded from scrutiny are none other than the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, the country’s central bank .
By Doctor Stop It Feb. 18, 2024
Blueberry rush in Zimbabwe: Opportunities and arbitrages
Blueberry production is labour-intensive and carrying out operations in Zimbabwe where the labour cost is three times less than in South Africa significantly lowers the cost of production.
By Nyasha J Kavhiza Feb. 18, 2024
Editorial Comment: Don’t reinvent the wheel
Thousands of innocent people disappeared during the dark period and several women were raped by members of Five Brigade and suspected dissidents.
By The Standard Feb. 11, 2024
Letter to my people: Tshabangu has shown his true colours
After declaring himself interim secretary general, Sengezo Tshabangu has gone a step further to impose himself as a senator for Bulawayo.
By Doctor Stop It Feb. 11, 2024
Corruption Watch: Mnangagwa govt is getting crazier
Mnangagwa administration has so much to hide and so much to be afraid of by hiding the operations of our very own companies as Zimbabwean citizens.
By Tawanda Majoni Feb. 11, 2024
Health Talk: Drug abuse tearing communities into pieces
There are over 190 million drug users around the world and the problem has been increasing at alarming rates, especially among young adults under the age of 30.
By Dr Johannes Marisa Feb. 11, 2024
Letter from America: Forget Tshabangu and Mutsvangwa! It is the economy, stupid!
Brother Chris is unrestrained, opinionated, does not keep his wisdom to himself (where he has some), disrespects elders when he feels that they are wrong
By Kenneth Mufuka Feb. 11, 2024
Reflections of 2023 World Radio Day point person
An advertisement for the job posted on Unesco’s several social media platforms and reposted by many other media organizations started it all.
By John Masuku Feb. 11, 2024
Amend constitution to end arbitrary recalls
 Nomination of candidates overall saw a reduction in competition for constituency seats by candidates, who lodged their nomination papers.
By Amh Voices Feb. 11, 2024
Genocide: Can Jewish Zionism prevail?
 What precipitated the attack by Hamas on this fateful day must be contextualised with events preceding the attack.
By Agrippa Mutambara Feb. 11, 2024
Village Rhapsody: Putting people first in public policy in Zimbabwe
 Public policy plays a crucial role in shaping the lives of citizens, addressing societal challenges, and promoting the overall well-being of the nation.
By Gary Gerald Mtombeni Feb. 11, 2024
Mental Health: Failure to launch syndrome: The mental health of emerging adults
Mental health is a critical component of individual, family, community and national wellbeing and prosperity.
By Dr Chido Rwafa-madzvamutse Feb. 11, 2024
Imposing fines on litterbugs is a short sighted intervention
 Once the local authorities have a functional refuse collection service, there would be justification to punish litterbugs.
By Amh Voices Feb. 11, 2024
Business Opinion: Entrepreneurial marketing through artificial intelligence
 It is imperative for our entrepreneurs to also move with this development bearing in mind that AI is here to stay such that if you snooze you lose.
By Farai Chigora Feb. 11, 2024
Perspectives: Vision 2030 as a trauma barricade
 If we fail to address the nation’s collective trauma with clarity and compassion, we imperil the survival of our children and our children’s children—and countless other species.
By Tinashe Chikodzi Feb. 11, 2024
The changing remittance economy in Zim
Remittances also flow internally within the country, from people working in town in government jobs or in businesses of different sorts.
By Ian Scoones Feb. 4, 2024
Village Rhapsody: Period poverty: ditch the taboo, make pads free like condoms
Sanitary wear such as pads and tampons can be expensive and difficult to access in rural areas.
By Evans Mathanda Jan. 14, 2024
Floods exposed Harare land corruption, council rot
Land barons take advantage of desperate homeseekers and mislead them into illegal occupation of council and state land.
By Amh Voices Jan. 14, 2024
Mental Health: ‘January disease’, financial stress and mental health
Mental health is a critical component of individual, family, community and national wellbeing and prosperity.
By Chido Rwafa-madzvamutse Jan. 14, 2024
Editorial Comment: Now use the law to tackle perverts
The temporary regulations will last for six months to give the authorities time to pass new laws to amend the criminal code.
By The Standard Jan. 14, 2024
ANC vs MK: The dialectical complexity of the SA election
The launch of uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK) party on December 16, 2023 expresses the current magnanimous contradiction within the ANC.
By Richard Runyararo Mahomva Jan. 14, 2024
About Gaza: Speak now or forever be silent!
Remember that the western narrative argued that their hegemony was based on a superior moral order. Generation X has exposed that lie.
By Kenneth Mufuka Jan. 14, 2024
Schools’ cultural exchanges with Dubai!
Dubai is the best-known city in the United Emirates and aspires to be the centre of the modern world in culture, arts, technology and now sports.
By Correspondent Jan. 14, 2024
Building your life on the unshakable truth of God’s Word
This shows how important it is to spend time in the Word of God. Your success will come from spending time in the Word, having an intimate relationship with the Father.
By Doug Mamvura Jan. 14, 2024