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The shock effect of deregistering PVOs

The PVO Amendment Bill, gazetted on November 5  2021 was  passed by the Senate on February 2 and now awaits President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s signature before it becomes law.
Model for Entrepreneurship Part 2
Model for Entrepreneurship Part 2
In all these efforts it is now making sense to our home-grown entrepreneurs that business does not come by accident.
By Farai Chigora Jan. 29, 2023
Letter to my people: Desperation for votes has reached ridiculous levels
Primary and Secondary Education minister Evelyn Ndlovu and her secretary Tumisang Thabela begged for financial assistance from donors
By Doctor Stop It Jan. 29, 2023
Editorial Comment: Tough action against drug lords needed
The researchers identified glue, broncleer, magemba, cane spirit, marijuana, cocaine and crystal meth as some of the commonly abused substances in Zimbabwe.
By The Standard Jan. 29, 2023
Addressing unclaimed benefits problem in Zimbabwe
The administrator of the pension plan or the insurer has the duty and responsibility of processing a member's accrued benefits when they become due.
By Ronald Zvendiya Jan. 29, 2023
Letter from America: Trump derangement syndrome/Some spooky stories
The great Democratic Speaker Tipp O’Neal butted heads with the Republican president Ronald Reagan but remained friends enough to play golf together.
By Kenneth Mufuka Jan. 29, 2023
Prevalence of drug, substance abuse worrisome
Statistics from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (Unodc) show that around 284 million people between the ages of 15-64 used drugs worldwide in 2020.
By Canisio Mudzimu Jan. 29, 2023
Health talk: Health financing critical
Medical access is now a pie in the sky in Zimbabwe as people are struggling daily to make ends meet.
By Johannes Marisa Jan. 29, 2023
Village Rhapsody: Zanu PF’s social media onslaught a double-edged sword
The ruling Zanu PF party has been working tirelessly to disseminate propaganda in relation to development issues across the country.
By Evans Mathanda Jan. 29, 2023
Zim: Still expecting the impossible?
Without repeating the basis for this argument, it is evident that things have worsened considerably over the (nearly) next two years.
By Ibbo Mandaza and Tony Reeler Jan. 28, 2023
Editorial Comment: Ruling ends sabotage against urban councils
The Local Government ministry has been leading the sabotage against councils such as Harare and Bulawayo to aid the ruling party’s mission to regain control of urban areas through dirty means. 
By The Standard Jan. 22, 2023
Village Rhapsody: Gun violence getting out of hand in Zimbabwe
The country is no longer safe just like in neighbouring South Africa where even a teenager can own a gun.
By Evans Mathanda Jan. 22, 2023
Act now to curb road carnage
The million-dollar question that boggles the mind, therefore, is: What should be done to reduce RTAs and road fatalities in this country?
By Canisio Mudzimu Jan. 22, 2023
Business opinion: Model for Entrepreneurship Part 1
There is need to refer to some sort of nodes for measuring progress in entrepreneurship (which seem to be lacking in many businesses). Without such the business becomes directionless.
By Farai Chigora Jan. 22, 2023
Re-imagining the workplace: Science compels us to reduce opinion and increase knowledge
Based on this principle and the understanding that knowledge and scientific knowledge, are important, it is imperative that we have a working definition of happiness.
By Bhekilizwe Bernard Ndlovu Jan. 22, 2023
Letter to my people: Poor Ngwena is running scared
After a sham congress at the tail end of 2022 where he made sure that no one could contest against him, he announced last week that he was suspending Elias Mudzuri and five others from the party.
By Doctor Stop It Jan. 22, 2023
Another contested Zim election outcome is brewing
The CSOs Indaba interrogated the technical aspects of the 2023 general elections piercing the corporate veil to assess among others.
By Crisis In Zimbabwe Coalition Jan. 22, 2023
Letter from America: Why Prince Harry’s book is a must read!
This type of a book is called a “tell all, no holds barred.” People who pay such large amounts of money expect some juicy scandals, based on which they hope to recover their money and make more.
By Kenneth Mufuka Jan. 22, 2023
Promoting human rights in mental health
People need to demonstrate their resilience as they experience stressful and challenging environments.
By Debprah Tigere Jan. 22, 2023
Letters: The life and struggle of students at the University of Zimbabwe
Arguably, students’ life and the challenges they face at the University of Zimbabwe are a micro-commentary of the state of the economy and politics in the country.
By Amh Voices Jan. 15, 2023
Letter from America: Murewa beatings: The absence of moral courage
The beating up of elderly people in Murewa by Zanu PF thugs was broadcast through YouTube videos all over the world.
By Kenneth Mufuka Jan. 15, 2023
Village Rhapsody: Time to end Zimbabwe’s vicious cycle of political violence
Beautiful as it is, Zimbabwe has a reputation for politically motivated violence, especially during the election season.
By Evans Mathanda Jan. 15, 2023
New Perspectives: Good Governance: Zimbabwe’s 2023 resolution
It is time to say goodbye to the things that did not go as planned and to embrace new opportunities that the year ahead may bring.
By Paison Tazvivinga Jan. 15, 2023
Opinion: Zec delimitation report: Electoral rigmarole and elite discohesion?
 First is the capture of the electoral system by the ruling elite to influence the electoral outcome through gerrymandering, calculated to disorient the main opposition and benefit the ruling party.
By Zimbabwe Democracy Institute Jan. 15, 2023
Letter to my people: They’re now poisoning our children
Instead of addressing the crisis in the sector, particularly the poor working conditions health workers are operating under, they have decided instead to jail them if they doth protest too much.  
By Doctor Stop It Jan. 15, 2023
Public Relations:
The general election will take place this year via a proclamation by the President of the country.
By Lenox Lizwi Mhlanga Jan. 8, 2023
Letter to my people: Winky D is stirring the hornet’s nest
It is shocking that the level of paranoia from Ngwena and his followers is such that they now feel that any musician that sings against corruption is attacking them.
By Doctor Stop It Jan. 8, 2023
Land dispossession cause for concern in resettled areas
 More specifically, since August 2022, developments in Chegutu East (Hopewell Farm), where an estimated 3 000 people are facing potential land dispossession are of concern.
By Amh Voices Jan. 8, 2023