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We will destroy our country on our own!


Just when some detractors were starting to make too much noise about the country having no leadership, our New Doctor Amai stepped in to show how it is done.

This week, she led a high-powered delegation, naturally made up of her sons, to bring the much sought-after foreign investment, something her hubby has been struggling to do for six years.

She is stitching high-level deals on behalf of her country over there in Belarus, a country known far and wide for its massive economic success.

According to Alexander Lukashenko, the owner of Belarus, he had talked to one “Emmerson” about investment in public health. Said the statement from the Belarusian government: “During the talks, the two leaders emphasised the need for a very responsible person from Zimbabwe to oversee the implementation of the relevant programs. ‘Frankly speaking, I told him that this responsible person should be you,’ the Belarusian leader said.”

It is sad that, when contacted for comment on our First Lady’s glorious tour of Belarus, all officials refused to speak.

We are sure it’s not out of fear of saying something wrong and being sent scurrying through a maize field for their lives.

They were just speechless and in awe at how talented she is at attracting investment to our country.

Long may she continue.

Church and politics

While our dear First Lady was in faraway lands negotiating foreign direct investment on behalf of the country, her hubby was doing what matters the most – touring various religious shrines, and canvassing for votes.

One Madzibaba Mapuranga, impressed by how the white garments fit so easily on the President, pledged to mobilise 2.3 million votes for him.

He said: “We are glad that our national chairperson Madzibaba Moses Gwasarira has been moving around the country to all Zion churches advising members during this Easter to rally behind President Mnangagwa.”

Elsewhere, our deputy owner was at another shrine, also rustling up more votes.

“President Mnangagwa is leading the country with wisdom,” one Bishop Israel Mwazha was quoted as saying, without showing any tangible examples of said wisdom. Another church leader said they will vote for Zanu PF because the opposition had threatened to stop them from worshipping in the open air. We cannot allow that.

Neither can we allow what we are seeing in Mozambique, where similar churches have been banned in the Manica Province for allegedly “promoting child marriage and disrespecting health issues.”

Suicidal cops

Shocking news which emerged this week was that the police were interested in investigating corruption.

According to the Herald, a newspaper always known for factual reporting: “Police are investigating allegations raised by a documentary that alleges several prominent Zimbabweans, mainly business-people and officials of RBZ subsidiaries, are engaged in money laundering and possible corruption around gold sales.”

In the report, the police spokesman is quoted as saying that “the ZRP is investigating and will give detailed information once the initial enquiries are complete.”

We can only assume that the investigations will stop once those “initial enquiries” and the trace of money laundering and gold theft start leading to patriotic offices.

Surely, which police officer would be so unpatriotic to the extent of arresting people for smuggling and stealing? They would have to be seriously suicidal to even allow such scandalous thoughts to enter their heads.

Zero trust

Speaking of the police, a report released recently makes the scurrilous claim that Zimbabweans have lost faith in our cops.

According to the report by Afrobarometer, obviously sponsored by haters, 37% said they had to pay a bribe, give a gift, or do a favour to a police officer in order to be served. This is a disappointing number; we are sure our police force wants that figure to be higher. The report said 92% of citizens have stopped seeking police assistance.

The other 8%, we can only suppose, are people who are calling the police to stop an opposition rally, because they are sure that the police will respond quickly.


Muckraker, this week, read an article by Tinomudaishe Chinyoka on the so-called “gold mafia” scandal. For those with the memory of a goldfish, Chinyoka is a strong supporter of President Mnangagwa. He happens to be a lawyer too.

“When a lot of people abdicate from their jobs, we are left with a morass of confusion and childish excuses for obvious things. Swift action by those responsible for law enforcement, as opposed to waiting for cues from cabinet, would have served the country well,” wrote Chinyoka.

Does Chinyoka really expect law enforcement agencies to act independently?

No wonder this man’s bid to be the country’s Prosecutor-General was thrown out. It must not be allowed.

We cannot have people who support Mnangagwa to the extent of wanting him to succeed.

Deliberate crime

The country’s deputy owner, who moonlights as the nation’s Health minister, has spoken out against efforts by the West to destroy our health sector. These countries are taking our nurses and doctors, for no reason at all.

“If one deliberately recruits and makes the country suffer because it lacks the required professionals, that’s a crime against humanity,” Vice President Chiwenga said.

“If people die in hospitals because there are no nurses and doctors and somebody who has been so irresponsible to not train their nationals but wanting poor countries to train for them it’s a crime. That must be taken seriously.”

Of course, some Western-funded haters will say what must not be taken seriously is people talking about local hospitals when they spend months in a Chinese hospital.

Another thing that must not be taken seriously is the pay that our doctors and nurses are paid.

These Western nations should stop trying to destroy our hospitals.

We are fully capable of doing that on our own.

Karma on Khama

Muckraker watched an interview of Ian Khama, the former alleged leader of Botswana, on In Conversation with Trevor Ncube, with much interest.

Khama has been sulking in South Africa for a while, because he ran away from the country he once owned.

He does not like the new leader much, accusing him of betraying him and being corrupt and so forth.

“We are humans and we make mistakes,” he said, talking about his decision to pick Mokgweetsi Masisi as his successor.

Of course, among the mistakes he did not mention in the interview, were things like appointing his family members to his government. Like the time he appointed his young brother to lead tourism, then gave himself resorts like the 1250 square kilometre Linyato Concession in the Kalahari, or the time he appointed his auntie to be the boss of the state diamond company, or his cousin as defence minister, a cousin who went on to award himself, allegedly, a P11.1 million deal.

Every sane person would be as angry as Khama if they lost all that.

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