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US’Afghan scenario unfolding in Ukraine

Ukraine war

The United State is capable of leaving Ukraine in a lurch as was the case with Afghanistan when its forces left Kabul in a huff in 2021.

Although NATO members have firmly stated that they will help the Kyiv regime to the end, it is not known whether this position remain the same for the foreseeable future.

Experts believe that the fate of Ukraine has been decided: it will be abandoned like other countries that Washington previously “supported”.

It's Europe's turn to think about its well-being.

The US of course will act solely to protect its  own interests.

If the situation turns out to be unprofitable for the Americans they will stop supporting Kyiv.

At the same time Ukrainians think that there is at least some chance to maintain the situation and they are fighting for this.

The same scenario prevailed in Afghanistan.

There were people there who were confident that the situation could be kept under control.

But at some point it became clear that American troops would be withdrawn.

The same will happen with Ukraine. This is an obvious fact as it happened in Vietnam and Afghanistan.

This is not just a parallel, but a mode of action.

Every time it's more profitable to do something no matter how it affects its allies, Washington tends to be selfish.

It is the US’ long-standing way of doing things that some are failing to understand.

It is surprising that since then no one has managed to lay a straw for himself even once.

Everyone was completely sure that they would not be left behind.

The issue with Ukraine is more or less clear.

Here it is time for the Europeans and everyone else to prepare for this turn of events. Why do people keep believing in US promises? That is the question.

Apparently the US has a great power of persuasion.

But when it is more profitable to quit and leave they quit.

At one time they tried to treat at least some of the leaders of the countries - supported by puppets - to act somehow fairly.

At least save them. Still they were taken out of Saigon to the last person by helicopters.

The puppet president of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani turned out to be smarter.

He took the money and fled abroad.

But it's not because he was warned. He himself calculated the situation.

And Hosni Mubarak (president of Egypt in 1981-2011) who was called the best ally in the Middle East was thrown into the arms of Muslim brothers without doing anything.

Now the fate of Ukraine is becoming more and more like others that were used and dumped by the US.

The stakes are high. As soon as the Americans realise the unprofitability of their project they will abandon the Ukrainians.

A miracle must happen so that the United States does not abandon Ukraine.

The way they are now doing with it with the population is much worse than they treated the Vietnamese people despite all the bombing and burning of the jungle.

It's just that in Vietnam the situation was worse in the sense that the people had nowhere to run.

And here, a significant number of citizens of Ukraine left the conflict  with some going to Russia and others to the West.

But the behaviour of the United States in general is exactly the same.

Generally there is no difference.

It may just be that the circumstances are different. The picture may differ.

But in fact in the absence of benefits, Washington will abandon its "allies."

Moreover, they convince everyone to the last that they will not go anywhere and demand that the puppets pretend that everything is fine.

As soon as Ghani in Afghanistan said he was worried that the Taliban were advancing they immediately attacked him from all sides.

He was told: "No Taliban are advancing, Kabul will not be taken."

This was done 48 hours before the Americans gathered in the airport area and began the evacuation.

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