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Matching outfits revolutionise lobola ceremonies

“There is a new approach to lobola ceremonies these days, a lot has changed, set up and gatherers,” Mutandida said.

By Sindiso Dube Local fashion designer, Melody Mutandinda (28) says the new trend in traditional lobola African attires have revolutionised suchceremonies by bringing a fashion sense and uniting families.

Modern lobola ceremonies have seen couples and their bridesmaids wearing matching African outfits.

“There is a new approach to lobola ceremonies these days, a lot has changed, set up and gatherers,” Mutandida said.

“Ceremonies have escalated into big functions and some have went on to wed on the day lobola is paid.

“One thing that has also made these ceremonies trend is its fashion sense.

“Clad in African attires, the couples and their groom and bridesmaids have made the ceremonies something to talk about even after the event itself.

“Fashion has taken over the ceremony, people dress up for lobola and make sure that there is a lasting impression.

“The matching outfits have united the respective families and friends. The same dress has managed to bring a common goal and sense at lobola ceremonies.”

Mutandida is not only limited to designing wedding and lobola outfits, but many other types of attire for casual wear.

“I also do other designs but these days I have been focussing more on that as we have many people getting married,” she said.

The Harare-based designer started making designs in 2012 after health complications deterred her from writing her ‘O’ Level exams.

“Due to a severe headache and eyesight complications, I failed to write my O’ Level exams in 2009,” she said.

“It took me three years of self-actualisation and decided that besides school I am talented with fashion designing, hence I opted for the sowing machine. Since then my life hasn’t been the same.

“I was based in South Africa, but recently moved back to Zimbabwe so that I contribute to my country and family. All we do should benefit our immediate communities hence coming back to Zimbabwe,” she said.

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