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Gateway Streams Music ReDefines live shows

Dubbed ReDefined, the show will pit two rivals  Winky D and Jah Prayzah at the giant HICC. Their rivalry is one which has been spoken of and widely documented by the media, but one which was never acknowledged by both artists’ camps.

BY SINDISO DUBE FOLLOWING a clogged live stream of Jah Prayzah’s Gwara, Gateway streams Music has vowed that its  upgraded application will be able to stream, without inconveniences, the ReDefined music show for the fans that will not make it physically to the venue on June 18.

Dubbed ReDefined, the show will pit two rivals  Winky D and Jah Prayzah at the giant HICC. Their rivalry is one which has been spoken of and widely documented by the media, but one which was never acknowledged by both artists’ camps.

To add on to the list, coming in between the rival acts is Nutty O. Nutty O comes in to balance the equation as the neutral act. At least those die hard Winky D and Jah Prayzah fans will find a common artist whom they will sing along to.

It’s a Winky D, Jah Prayzah (with no particular order) and Nutty O affair at the HICC, now that’s ReDefined.

Redefining the manner, which shows pitting rivals are set up, redefining the elite local artists by adding Nutty O who happens to be the best artist in the land, not erasing what Winky D and Jah Prayzah have amassed so far.

Nutty O has the best song of the year and the best album of the year, which alone makes him eligible to be part of the music elites.

Back to Gateway streams Music Application, the outstanding music promoter of the year.

Launched in December 2020, the Gateway Stream Music application, owned by Rainbow Tourism Group, enables artistes to upload, sell, price, perform via the livestream facility and earn revenue through the pay-per-view platform and advertising support.

The application was last year clogged as thousands jostled to be the first to sample Jah Prayzah’s album Gwara.

Speaking to the Standard Style, Gateway Streams music managerReDefined said their upgraded application will livestream the ReDefined show on June 18.

“Yes definitely we will be livestreaming the event. Fans need to download our application now so that they can have a chance to see the three great musicians in action. This will give the diaspora audience and those locally who won’t be there physically an opportunity to watch the show,” said Kurima.

“After the inconveniences we had with Jah Prayzah’s  Gwara Album launch we moved the Gateway Stream Music platform server hosting service toah Prayzah’s  Gwara Album launch (AWS), which provides better traffic management through the following technologies- load balancing and redundancy service. These technologies allow the Gateway Stream Music platform to manage a large number of users at the same time – up to over one million, and to distribute the demand for any content on the platform across the various AWS data centers in the world. This upgrade ensures all content is available to every user all the time.”

Kurima said preparations were in progress and they were raring to go live on the night.

“The preparations are going on well, we are glad to say we are on track with our targets and excited about this event. Our last event was held in February where we partnered with the NAMA organisers.

“Gateway Stream Music provided the voting platform for the People’s Choice Award and we were also awarded the Promoter of the Year award at the same event.”

Recently social media opinions have been divided after the Burna Boy show, which saw comparisons between local music promotions and foreign ones. Kurima said they are here to redefine local music promotion and consumption.

“The idea behind the theme (ReDefined) is for Zimbabweans to redefine the narrative by supporting local, that’s the only way the industry will grow.

“This musical experience will shift mind sets and people will understand that we have what it takes to be up there with the rest of the world,” he said.

“We tend to generally think international is better, but this time around we are saying let us shift to local. We have the artists who can do as well as the international artists and maybe even better.

“These three artists are the leading artists at the moment. They are all doing really well in their respective genres. We support local talent and this is a platform to support them and at the same time give music lovers the best of Zimbabwean music. These three, together will definitely give fans an unforgettable experience.”

Kurima added that Gateway Streams support the local arts industry and artists to earn revenue.

“We look forward to hosting more events. We would like to partner with local musicians and promote local talent.  We would like to contribute to building the arts sector and helping artists and content creators earn revenue, as such this year we want to partner with local content creators, musical events and create partnerships with other promoters,” he said.

We have new updates which will be available soon. These will include a new interface which makes it more user friendly and easy to navigate.”

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