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Apostolic Faith Witnesses to host conference in style

“We believe that the Bible and its stories show us the consistency of God that he does not change.
By Thestandard Oct. 2, 2022

Editorial Comment : Our laws protect the cow more than the girl child

“Cattle are a symbol of wealth and to steal and slaughter people’s cattle in the manner described is unforgivable,” the magistrate said in passing sentence.
By Thestandard Oct. 9, 2022

Panyatsime Heritage and Cultural Trust

The compelling factor is that the nation’s rich and diverse cultural heritage is under siege owing to the unavoidable twin effects of globalisation and urbanisation.
By Thestandard Oct. 23, 2022

A Look Back at the First Match of the 2022 World Cup

Next on the schedule is England vs. Iran, Senegal vs. the Netherlands, and USA vs. Wales, all of which will be held on 21 November
By Thestandard Dec. 16, 2022

The age scandal of the Chilean U-20 national football team

What's even more incredible is that the Chilean football federation itself presented a formal complaint to CONMEBOL
By Thestandard Dec. 17, 2022

Sexual Health and Life in Bed

Having a healthy sex life can bring numerous benefits
By Thestandard Dec. 24, 2022

Argentina vs France at the 2022 World Cup: a great final

The 2022 World Cup final has been called a match of Messi's greatness and Mbappé's genius
By Thestandard Jan. 1, 2023

The football player who got three red cards in a single match2

Things didn’t end there for Windass. He was suspended
By Thestandard Jan. 6, 2023

5 footballers who were notorious for their aggressiveness

Ibrahimovic is undeniably a force of nature on the field
By Thestandard Jun. 1, 2023

What are some important basketball statistics to follow?

here are steals per game (SPG) and blocks per game (BPG). Steals demonstrate the ability to disrupt opponents
By Thestandard Jul. 30, 2023

The debate of whether esports are sports or not

Critics argue that esports lack the physicality associated with traditional sports, which is often a defining characteristic of athletic activities
By Thestandard Jul. 31, 2023

how do people take the gaming lifestyle so seriously

Not everyone has a perfect life. They may be experiencing problems with their family, work, schooling, or another matter. A person’s ident
By Thestandard Nov. 16, 2023

Zimbabwe's Love Affair with Bingo: Winning Hearts and Minds

The origins of bingo are uncertain, but most research points to Italy as the founding land of the game in the 16th century
By Thestandard Jan. 10, 2024