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Rights and traditions in Zim: Can traditional leaders regain trust?

The report goes further to recommend dialogue on the role of traditional leaders.
By Dzikamai Bere Sep. 2, 2022

Why we must celebrate human rights defenders

It is a grassroots movement of over 100 000 people, organising against land evictions.
By Dzikamai Bere Dec. 11, 2022

Why must we celebrate human rights defenders?

The Human Rights Defender of the Year 2022 went to eKhenana Commune in recognition of their community organising in South Africa against land occupations and evictions.
By Dzikamai Bere Jan. 23, 2023

COVID-19 is sadly still a threat

Zimbabwe remains very vulnerable because for the past three years it has woefully failed to achieve its 60% herd immunity in its COVID-19 vaccination drive.
By Dzikamai Bere Jan. 24, 2023

History of organised violence, torture in Zimbabwe (1972-2020)

The report exposes one of the worst evils of humankind going back to the pre-colonial era.
By Dzikamai Bere Jun. 1, 2023

No power for the people

There is a growing global movement to consider electricity access as a human right.
By Dzikamai Bere and Kenneth Magwada Aug. 11, 2023

Elections: Hopeless yet costly exercise

The report makes the finding that the semblance of peace in Zimbabwe is, in fact, a manifestation of ‘authoritarian peace’.
By Dzikamai Bere Aug. 25, 2023