State closes case in Rushwaya trial

Rushwaya is expected to file her application for discharge at the close of the State case and if the application is dismissed, she will proceed to her defence.
By Desmond Chingarande Sep. 25, 2023

Inside Zim richest chief’s empire

Nyamukoho ruled in the Mudzi area and left a state-of-the-art traditional court building at Suswe along the Harare-Nyamapanda Highway.
By Jairos Saunyama Sep. 23, 2023

Mnangagwa challenger trial kicks off

The court also heard that Musengezi was still a member of Zanu PF because he has a party membership card and is paying subscriptions.
By Trevor Mutsvairo Sep. 22, 2023

Beitbridge residents rescue conned neighbour

Goden's lawyer Muchihwande Sithole said: “He (Amani) kept changing goalposts until the change of ownership of the house was done.
By Rex Mphisa Sep. 21, 2023

Govt workers sue over ‘retrogressive labour laws’

The civil servants said the application sought to end authoritarianism in the civil service and create a democratic dispensation in line with section 65(5) of the Constitution.
By Sharon Buwerimwe Sep. 20, 2023

Briefs: Man kills friend for impregnating his wife

He was remanded in custody to November 9 and advised to apply for bail at the High Court.
By Own Correspondent Sep. 17, 2023

Locus standi: The right, ability and capacity of a trust at law

It is settled law that in order to be a party to any court case (litigant), a person must have locus standi in judicio.

CCC candidate, activists denied bail

Cheza (50) is facing an incitement to public violence charge, together with Elias Maduveko (26), Magmaster Chidyawuye (21), Delight Zinyemba (22) and Courage Mugova (20).
By Stephen Chadenga Sep. 13, 2023

Security guards steal gold

Masvingo High Court judge Justice Garainesu Mawadze granted Chigede, Marwa, Sibanda and Kachara $300 000 bail in each of the two counts of robbery.
By Stephen Chadenga Sep. 10, 2023