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Impact of caesarean sections on mental health of mothers

 While this procedure is often life-saving for both mum and baby, C/sections come with unique challenges that can influence a woman’s mental well-being.
By Dr Chido Rwafa-madzvamutse May. 5, 2024

Family dumps murder-charged mental patient

Psychiatric evaluations conducted at Chikurubi Maximum Prison concluded that Matibilila was suffering from a mental illness when he committed the crime.
By Desmond Chingarande May. 2, 2024

Ingutsheni overwhelmed by abandoned patients

In addition, three facilities provide forensic psychiatry services: Mlondolozi Special Institution, Harare Central Prison and Chikurubi Special Institution.
By Patricia Sibanda Jan. 7, 2024

Ingutsheni in dire straits

Coltart toured the city’s health facilities on Monday to get an appreciation of the challenges they are facing after the local authority announced a 120-hour water-shedding regime.
By Nizbert Moyo Dec. 20, 2023

FEATURE: Zim psychiatric hospitals, facilities overwhelmed

The investigation showed that some hospitals were now turning patients away.
By Julia Ndlela and Gamuchirai Nyamuziwa Nov. 10, 2023

Mental Health: The importance of rest in mental health and wellbeing

Rest is a period of reduced physical and mental activity in order to recuperate and recover our strength in the face of life’s challenges.
By Dr Chido Rwafa-madzvamutse Jun. 11, 2023

Mental Health: The impact of perfectionism on mental health and wellbeing

Many perfectionists struggle when life doesn’t do their way. Learn to be mentally flexible and adaptable. Blessed are the flexible, they will not be broken by life.
By Dr Chido Rwafa-madzvamutse Jun. 4, 2023

Mental Health: Men struggle too… the challenge of men’s mental health problems

Alcohol and substances can sometimes be used to ‘self- medicate’ the emotional pain, relationship challenges and work related stress.
By Chido Rwafa-madzvamutse Feb. 26, 2023

Drug cartels turn Zimbabwe into a hub

A number of Zimbabweans have been caught in the country and in foreign lands trying to smuggle dangerous drugs such as cocaine and heroin.
By Lorraine Muromo Oct. 30, 2022