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Letter to my People:They have no answers for Nero’s charisma

Anyway, Nero led from the front where he met a group of kids, who were only excited to see him. 


My Dear People,

In politics there is a “baby-kissing” season, where politicians go out and hug and kiss babies whose parents they do not know.

By doing this, politicians would be trying to show their humane side and that they are able to connect with the common folk.

I don’t remember Baba doing that because most of you don’t bathe properly and worst of all, you can’t even bathe your babies.

Your babies were going to spread germs to Baba, kkk.

Baby-kissing is quite common in America during elections.

You see, I know something you have never thought about, yet you doubt my three-month PhD, kkk.

Anyway, Nero led from the front where he met a group of kids, who were only excited to see him.

One shouted, “president!” and that stroked Nero’s ego.

He quickly gave the star-struck kid some money — I hope it was not Mthuli’s bond.

The whole process was not laboured, it flowed smoothly and there was some genuineness to the whole thing.

It had the intended purpose of portraying Nero as approachable.

Not to be outdone, Launchmore tried his own stunt and it was quite toe curling.

Launchmore stayed in his car, lowered the window and reached out to a boy, who clearly wanted to be elsewhere rather than with the man in the vehicle.

He kept his hands in his pockets — a sign of rudeness if you ask me — and he refused to warm up to Launchmore.

Launchmore and his people, Ndavaningi and Twoboy, tried to spin it, to make it look like the boy had a time of his life with Launchmore, but the picture told a different story.

I almost felt pity for Launchmore after seeing those pictures, but then I remembered what he did to Baba and I chuckled.

His tete-a-tete with the young man looked laboured, lacked originality and above all, it seemed insincere.

Violent elections ahead!

Speaking of campaigns, it seems the next election could be one of the most violent yet.

Nero finally woke up from his slumber and decided to meet his supporters.

I think the level of support he was shown shocked him and I am certain even Zanu PF were shocked by the numbers that Nero got.

So Zanu PF did what they do best — violence.

Nero’s car was stoned, his aides were injured and his supporters were forced to flee.

During all this, the police did nothing.

This is ominous for the forthcoming elections, as it shows that Zanu PF is prepared to return to default settings at the first sight of a strong challenge.

They thought they were done with Nero; they took his party, took his headquarters and fired his councillors and MPs thinking that was the end of him.

But people are not fools, they see beyond the charade and continue to support their political leaders.

You can take everything away from Nero, but his charisma and popularity are impossible to steal and that is why he continues to draw large crowds.

But be warned, I see tempers flaring in the next few months leading up to 2023. But I am not profit oops I mean prophet. I am just a widow.

I saw a headline that I never thought I would ever see in my life.

A number of police officers were arrested for allegedly disrupting a Zanu PF meeting, kkk.

Who would have thought? Kkk.

The police have always acted like the militia wing of Zanu PF and imagine the horror of the ruling party members when they were rudely interrupted by the cops during their meeting.

This was a shock to the system, because these people feel entitled to the police and believe they are above the law.

We need more cops like that, who are not partisan and carry out their jobs based on fairness.

They will probably suffer for professionally doing their jobs, but these are the heroes of our times and need us all to support them.

They have set an example for other cops on how you can be professional.

I am convinced that this lot have really no clue on how to govern.

Mocking health practitioners?

The latest harebrained idea is that health workers will receive free Wi-Fi and food at the canteens.

This is all in an effort to stem the brain drain.

Dear Zanu PF, doctors are educated, they spent years in universities.

Nurses are intelligent, they spent years in school.

So do not come here and insult their intelligence.

They do not need charity.

The government’s job is not to provide anything for free, but to provide an enabling environment that allows workers to thrive.

If doctors and nurses are paid a fair wage, they will be able to afford their own Wi-Fi and food.

Giving them free Wi-Fi is a sign of failure and this is reducing them to beggars.

Shame on you. Fix the fundamentals of the economy and do not worry about freebies.

This is such poor governance, its shocking.

Stop It!!!!!!


Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (FAKE)


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