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Letter to my people: They can’t rig the economy

It is a bloodbath. Panonetsa, who in 2019 promised to resign if his bond notes project failed, was supposed to leave the central bank at the end of his term on April 30.

My Dear People

John Panonetsa Mangudya’s time at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe was brought to an abrupt end last week as Ngwena’s regime stared at the imminent collapse of the local currency — for the second time in 16 years.

On the eve of the Easter holidays, the Zimbabwe dollar was trading at US$1 to $30 000 on the widely used black market and indications are that it will hit US$1 to $40 000 by the end of this week.

It is a bloodbath. Panonetsa, who in 2019 promised to resign if his bond notes project failed, was supposed to leave the central bank at the end of his term on April 30.

A panicky Ngwena, however, last week formalised the appointment of John Mushayavanu who took over  at  the RBZ with immediate effect.

Mushayavanu’s first task will be to present a new monetary policy that is overdue by over a month and talk in the corridors is that the Lacoste cabal wants to introduce a new gold backed currency.

These people never learn. They can introduce as many currencies as they want, but that would not stop the rot because of poor governance. Nothing will work as long as the politics is not right.

I warned you when the cabal was organising the coup that removed Gushungo six years ago that we are not going anywhere with this special class and I am  being vindicated every day.

I am reminded of Mogiza’s famous retort to Gushungo that “You can rig an election, but you cannot rig an economy.”

Indeed, the chickens are coming to roost for the so-called second repubric! 

According to prominent American economist Steve Hanke, Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation is higher than that of war torn countries such as Syria, DRC, Ukraine and South Sudan.


The mandarins in the Primary and Secondary Education ministry last week banned vacation school during the April holidays for Grade 7, O’ Level and A’ Level exam classes.

In a circular that emanated from the ministry’s ivory towers, the delusional officials said: “Having consulted widely on the matter and taking cognisance of the fact that the school term had no disturbances at all to the teaching and learning programme, therefore, authority is not granted that schools facililate a vacation school during the April school holidays for Grade 7, Ordinary Level, Advanced Level candidates as well as for the non-examination classes.”

Whoever wrote that circular must have their head checked for some loose connections. There is hardly any learning taking place in Zimbabwe’s public schools because teachers are not happy about the peanuts they are earning.

This has been happening for years, infact since that infamous coup. Gushungo had teachers at heart because he valued education.

These days children only go to school to play and parents out of desperations pay for extra lessons during the holidays to help their children to prepare for the exams.

To use propaganda to ban the holiday lessons is not only callous, but is counterproductive as would be shown by the Zimsec results.


Who remembers Douglas Kwande? Well in 2029 we were told that the chap had found a way of baking bread using only Zimbabwean wheat.

At the time we were told that his invention would end bread shortages and magically reduce Zimbabwe’s wheat import bill.

He was even photographed enjoying a slice of bread with Ngwena. But as the Ndebeles say, you can’t hide something with hones in a sack (okulempondo akufihlwa emgodleni).

It was soon revealed that Ngwena was the real owner of the Gweru bakery (DCK) that the nation was once told belonged to Kwande.

Fast forward to last week where Ngwena officiated at the commissioning of a Champions Foods maize milling plant in Harare, which the regime’s propagandists told us was a boon for the economy.

To everyone’s surprise it emerged that Champion Foods is owned by Kwande and a certain Patrick Mnangagwa. It is everyone’s guess as to who is the real owner of that company kikiikiki

So with all the money he is splashing around, Wicknell Chvayo could not sustain a marriage.

Well, Chivayo is a lost cause but I am worried that he is one of the new criminals surrounding the president.

My informers at 1 Chancellor Avenue tell me that he has made our once respected residency his playground and there is a lot of disgruntlement about his condescending attitude towards employees there.

One day the truth about this man’s activities shall be disclosed and there would be gnashing of teeth.


After using that charlatan Sengezo Tshabangu to dismantle CCC and establish a two thirds majority in the National Assembly, Zanu PF has now set its sights on mutilating the constitution again.

It emerged last week that the government is pushing for constitutional amendments that will significantly alter Zimbabwe’s electoral processes.

One of the key proposals is to transfer key responsibilities such as voter registration from the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) back to the Registrar General’s office.

They also want to remove the delimitation responsibilities from Zec. Essentially, they want to revert to the pre-2009 system and undo all the progressive electoral reforms that started during Gushungo’s time.

Although Zec is completely captured and facilitates rigging on an industrial scale, the significant electoral reforms had somehow brought some respectability to Zimbabwe’s electoral system.

The proposed amendments to the constitution are only meant to benefit Ngwena and his family.

After realising that the third term bid is not gaining traction, they want to come up with a system where he can rule from behind the scenes. He will strengthen his hand in choosing a successor.

No wonder Eddie Cross was so emphatic that Generari will never rule this country. However, I want to  warn the doddering Ziyambi and his cabal that it will not end well. Mark my words.



Stop It!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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