Govt engages youths on climate change

The three-day meeting, which was held in Bulawayo was aimed at enhancing young people's knowledge about climate change.
By Margaret Lubinda Sep. 29, 2023

Curtain comes down on Climate Change Exhibition

Material picked up by the artists included old tyres, shoes, radiators, fabrics, glasses, wire, threads and nails, among other items.
By Margaret Lubinda Sep. 27, 2023

Take-aways from the Africa Climate Summit

The African Development Bank committed US$1 billion to funding Africa’s Climate future from a previous commitment under half as much.
By Darlington Mafa Sep. 22, 2023

The ‘Nairobi declaration’ brings Africa Climate Summit to a close

Climate adaptation is the main emphasis of the Bank's commitment to combating climate change, which it is advocating during the summit.
By Enos Denhere Sep. 15, 2023

Govt has almost exhausted social spending: Zimcodd

Zimcodd said the government had almost exhausted social protection resources without bringing any meaningful social transformation.
By Belinda Chiroodza Sep. 15, 2023

Africa needs sustainable solutions to climate crisis

While the intervention on renewable energy is welcome, there is contention on the financing of this transition.
By Roselilly Ushewokunze Sep. 11, 2023

Art exhibition registers success

Accord to snippets, climate change has to this day affected millions of people globally in the form of cyclones, droughts, and desertification among others.
By Alfred Tembo Sep. 10, 2023

Climate change’s burden on poverty and inequality

These environmental shocks can exacerbate existing social disparities, making recovery and resilience-building challenging.
By Paison Tazvivinga and Yamkela Kahlane Sep. 8, 2023

Govt engages insurance players on climate change

Ncube added that a lot needed to be done in the insurance industry at national, regional and global levels on the issue of financial industry.
By Belinda Chiroodza and Tafadzwa Mhlanga Sep. 7, 2023