ZBC rocked by sex scandal

ZBC insiders said the case could open a can of worms as there were many female employees that were victims of sexual harassment.
By Sydney Kawadza Sep. 24, 2023

There’s life after August 23 polls

Human beings have diverse political, religious, cultural and social persuasions because by definition they are constituted differently.
By Nicholas Aribino Jul. 26, 2023

Promising careers crash

The media industry in Zimbabweis dominated by men, with female news hunters only viewed as less capable.
By Nthokozo Gudu Jul. 14, 2023

IT worker sues her boss believing 'xx' in email were kisses

Karina Gasparova also claimed that when Alexander Goulandris renamed a work file with his initials 'ajg' it was an abbreviation of "A Jumbo Genital".
By Bbc News May. 18, 2023

Tiger Woods sued by ex-girlfriend Erica Herman in larger domestic dispute over home, money

Her lawsuit stated she had an “oral tenancy agreement” to remain at the home for five more years after being in effect for six years before the breakup.
By Usa Today Mar. 10, 2023

70% Zim women food insecure

Furthermore, the EU-AU partnership said based on the 2020 World Values Survey, social sanctions persist against women in the workplace.
By Priveledge Gumbodete Dec. 12, 2022

Editor’s Memo: Gender inequality: Time to shatter status quo

In Africa, 70% of women are excluded financially. The continent has a US$42 billion financing gap between men and women.
By Faith Zaba Dec. 9, 2022

Violence against women: The ‘hidden’ mainspring

We pointed out last year that too little attention is given to the enabling conditions for VAW, bullying ad incivility as cultural, patriarchal practice.
By Research Advocacy Unit Dec. 4, 2022

Call for tougher action against rape, GBV

“Let me hasten to say that in light of the recent spike in cases of child sexual abuses, these pieces of legislation are now needed more than ever before.”
By Staff Reporters Nov. 29, 2022